Personalized Wall Calendar

Want to give clients a way to remember you and important dates ?Your name cleverly embedded in 12 selected images to create this stunning personalized a inexpensive way to promote brand throughout 365 days.

Stay organized in style with our personalized wall calendar. We have a variety of calendar styles including vertical wall calendars, as well as calendar prints. Plus we have a huge selection of unique personalized calendar designs. The 12 month wall calendar can be customized with beautiful themes that we have. You can also create a unique personalized calendar and gift it to your precious clients.promotional wall calanders do the trick- they will see your comapany logo 365 days of the year.

Take advantage of wall calendar , give them as a gift Personalised business calendar do come in handy, take a look around your house , you probably have promotional wall callenders scattered all over , and do you use them ? of course you do : so give it a shot for your own business.


COLOR : CMYK four colour process | 1 sides
SIZE : 11 " x 17 "
THICKNESS : 300 gsm luni silk art card, 12 pages, each page has same name with different styles
FINISH : matt silk finish
INCLUDE : wiro binding wire hanger
PACKING : individual in ploy pack

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