Multicolor Lanyard

How could we have kept the Lanyards to just stylish… of course they are in the most colorful designs Lanyards too. That’s what our product says – ‘Multicolored’ Lanyard :)

Now displaying your identities and the company’s name is even more stylish and colorful. Multicolored Lanyards are available in all the colors and the most corporate way too if you ask for. Multicolored Lanyards are for to grip your identity cards at places of work, events and functions. We make Lanyards in:


COLOR : CMYK four colour process | 1 side and 2 sides
SIZE : 38 inch finish
THICKNESS : width 20 mm
FINISH : satin finish
INCLUDE : multicolor logo on attchment ( both side / dog hook / england hook)
PACKING : -----------

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