Magstrip Card

There is no end to technology, and we prove it by offering this special types of Plastic Cards for you to keep hold on your information and carry them with you whenever you want. No it’s not a Pen Drive!

Print India gives you a new style of Magstrip Card that can possibly store digital information in it. What exactly if you’re thinking of? It includes names, dates, phone numbers, other important numbers, codes, passwords, physical descriptions. Electronic devices designed to read such Megnetic Swipe Card can read the stored information just in touch or swap. These magstrip card and megnetic card can hold about hundred bytes of information within its magnetic storage area.

Now this is something truly hi-tech!


COLOR : CMYK four colour process | 2 sides
SIZE : 86mm x 54 mm
THICKNESS : 0.76mm (Same as your bank atm card)
FINISH : Gloss or matt laminate fused finish with rounded corners
INCLUDE : Magnetic Strip (not encoded)
PACKING : individual in ploy pack

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