Luggage Tag

If you apparently had lost your luggage at the airport after you came back from a nice holiday and got your mood spoilt, Luggage Tags suit you well then.these tags are silent representative of your brand on customers luggage.

Not just while traveling, but if you ever got your laptop bags exchanged at one of those places where more and morepeople visit for different purpose, here are luggage tags for you to keep it your name safe. If you are a travel company owner and often receive complaints of customers that they have lost their bags and luggage while enjoying the spend time at vacations , you can avoid this by attaching tags to each bag and luggage of your customers.


COLOR : CMYK four colour process | 2 sides
SIZE : 86mm x 54 mm
THICKNESS : 0.76mm
FINISH : Gloss or matt laminate finish with rounded corners
INCLUDE : silicon tag or luggage belt
PACKING : individual in ploy pack

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